Read the Miami Herald June 21, 2019 review of Spheres of Meaning online These summer shows deserve applause, and so do the local artists who created the works by Jane Woolridge.

An excerpt from ‘Finding ‘Meaning’ in artists’ books at the Frost Art Museum’, a July 15, 2019 article by Elisa Turner for Artburst Miami. Read the full article here.


Spheres of Meaning: An Exhibition of Artists' Books presents a range of artist books from manipulated texts to new narrative forms and books presented as sculpture. These “spheres” present philosophical inquiries, personal reflections, and ruminations on complex and often related notions such as nurture and nature. Moreover, this exhibition celebrates the rich and varied talent of artists living in Miami or artists who once called the city home, but whose books remain tied to the cultural fabric of this dynamic place. 

The exhibition includes works by Margarita Cano, Lydia Rubio, Diego Gutierrez, Purvis Young, Carlos Maciá, Jeannette Stargala, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Lisa Haque, Rafael Domenech, Donna Ruff, and Carol Todaro, among others. At times delicate and intuitive, artists' books inspire close-looking. For some of the artists in the exhibition, making books is a primary creative form, while for others, artists' books serve as one of many media in which they engage. The books on view present eclectic interpretations on the book from the ethereal to the deconstructed and poignant reflections on autobiographical experiences.

Image credit: Lisa Haque, Milk Teeth [detail], 2018, Text on air-dried handmade kozo paper, and gouache drawings, Courtesy of the artist